Wood Floor Collections

Glacier Collection

Give your space a chilly, cool feel wth the Glacier collection, made from the strong & durable European Betula wood.

Mountain Collection

The Mountain wood floor collection will wisk you away to remote areas where trees loom taller than skyscrapers, where crisp fresh air relax the senses.

Rome Collection

Astute, beautiful and functional, the rome wood floor collection will transform your area into aristocratic taste!

California Sunshine Collection

The California Sunshine wood floor collection is a little taste of the west coast aesthic. Airy, free and modern.

Craftsman Collection

Rugged and durable, the Craftsman hickory wood floor collection is our toughest yet, featuring 4mm wear layer.

Natural Wonders

The Natural Wonders collection introduces the new Reactive Stained technology that makes the colors and patterns of the woods look better and last much longer.

Vintage Collection

Multiple shades and textures, the Vintage Collection contains transformative style for a classic yet modern space.

La Havre Collection

Enjoy inspiration form the French countryside, warm, natural colors with European Oak.