Reactive Stained Wood Flooring

What is reactive stained? Simply put, it is a process of staining wood flooring using a reaction within the wood itself to quicken the aged look effect for a more vintage, antique look to your wood flooring. One of the best benefits is that scratches and gouges will not show as easily, since the stain penetrates so deep there will be no inner white from the wood to show.

What are the benefits?

Reactive staining will give your wood floors a brighter, antiqued look in a natural way because the stain reacts with the natural chemical in wood called Tannin, this process in wood is automatic, however, takes a long time to achieve.
With Reactive staining, it will make this process much faster.

We at, carry many colors and woods in the Reactive stain, such as our Natural Wonders Collection

For a more technical explanation, we refer to
Reactive finishes may use solvents such as white spirits and naphtha as a base. Varnishes, linseed oil and tung oil are reactive finishes, meaning they change chemically when they cure, unlike evaporative finishes. This chemical change is typically a polymerisation, and the resultant material is less readily dissolved in solvents . Tung oil and linseed oil are reactive finishes that cure by reacting with oxygen, but do not form a film.

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